Whatever your application requirements are, Polar Bear Panels can provide a modular solution that’s right for you.

Residential Bars, Restaurants Display Coolers & Brew Caves
Polar Bear Panel is the best built, best engineered brand of merchandising coolers, display coolers and refrigerated displays for the bars, restaurants, cafeteria and similar industries requiring specialized cold storage. In these industries, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for storing products. We offer custom designed angled boxes, beer caves, glass doors, display shelving and more to perfectly fit your floor plan. Polar Bear Panel offers cooler/freezer combinations, indoor or outdoor boxes, and angled units to utilize the space of your bar or restaurant. We craft our designs with the understanding of the need to accommodate the heavy traffic in commercial kitchens. Internal and external ramps are available to provide easy access for rolling carts. Shelving kits and strip curtains are also available upon request.

The Polar Bear Panel Brew Cave offers an abundance of cold storage space for a wide variety of cold beverage, making it most ideal for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, country clubs, or for your personal bar at home. Our packages and designs include all requirements for a Brew Cave including refrigeration, shelving and draft beer dispensing system.

Because each of our coolers is custom made, you can be assured that you receive the best final fit.


Polar Bear Panel has produced many walk-ins for large grocery store chains, so we are familiar with the needs that accompany these orders.

Refrigeration costs account for roughly half of electricity costs for supermarkets, so efficiency in this market segment is vital. To reduce energy consumption, some grocery chains are even installing “walk-in dairy rooms”. Similar in concept to a “beer cave”, a customer can walk into this refrigerated dairy room to get the milk, cheese or even deli meat they need. Display walk-ins with glass doors can also be a great energy saving alternative. Additionally, backroom refrigerated storage coolers may be necessary to keep produce and other products fresh while waiting to be stocked. With a full line of walk-in accessories available and years of experience, Polar Bear Panel can provide for your grocery store needs, whatever the application.



Carefully analyzing a wide range of application factors, Polar Bear Panel Systems cold storage warehouses are custom-designed to customer specifications and engineered for precise temperature control and optimal cost-efficiency. Our cold storage warehouse applications have internal and external supports to ensure maximum strength and stability, with options for sliding doors and large walk through doors to accommodate personnel and equipments. Whatever the size of your cold storage unit requirement, all units we assemble ensure efficient and consistent refrigeration.


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