We are one of the country’s leading manufacturers of premium walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, and combination units employing the latest technology, materials, design and features to meet the demanding requirements of the cold storage industry. Our designs cater a wide range of unique needs catering various businesses and establishments including restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, floral stores, grocery stores, warehouses, schools, and for more customized cold storage and display applications.

At Polar Bear Panels, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. All our designs have energy-saving features, are eco-friendly and are tested for durability and excellent performance. Polar Bear Panel installations guarantee many years of worry-free service. Every step of our design, manufacturing and testing processes contains an intense focus upon perfection.

We understand how important cold storage units are for your business and operations. However unique your cold storage set-up requirements are, Polar Bear Panel can provide the solution that guarantees efficiency and profitability for you.

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Whatever your application requirements are, Polar Bear Panels can provide a modular solution that’s right for you.

» Beer Coolers - Bars Pubs and Nightclubs
» Convenience - Display Coolers and Caves
» Grocery - Storage Coolers and Freezers
» Residential Bars - Brew Caves
» Restaurant - Food Service Walk-ins
» Warehouse - Cold Storage Warehouse



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