Easy Assembly

Polar Bear Panels are the most efficient system for instant installation.
Metal Fabrication

The metal is 26 gauge, stucco embossed, and painted white.
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Custom & standard walk-in coolers & freezers

Polar Bear Panel walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are engineered in a wide variety of specifications. Each unit is custom-built to customer specifications. We offer various options in metal, insulation, and designs so the client’s exact application requirements are thoroughly satisfied. All units manufactured by Polar Bear Panel are engineered with durability, flexibility and guaranteed of many years of worry-free service. From standard sized walk-ins to more customized designs and sizes, all units are equipped with efficient locking devices and heavy-duty gaskets to provide an air tight seal between panels and prevent any air infiltration. Polar Bear Panel walk-ins are easy to install, relocate, modify or expand.

Cooler freezer combinations

For both walk-in cooler and freezer requirements, Polar Bear Panel manufactures walk-in combinations featuring both the cooler and freezer in a single unit. We design both standard and customized unit to meet every customer’s specific requirements. Freezer access doors can be external or inside the cooler section while the cooler portion can be designed with or without a floor. With years experience in the industry, our cooler freezer combination units are guaranteed to satisfy a variety of applications.

Polar Bear Panel is a premier manufacturer of custom and standard Walk-in Coolers and Freezers employing the latest technology, materials, design and features to meet the demanding requirements of the cold storage industry.

From double acting traffic doors for new and existing walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigerated warehouses, the design and quality of our products ensures a strong and durable cold storage door system that will provide years of worry-free service.

Whether in small restaurants, supermarkets, cold-storage plants, food processing plants, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, universities or aboard ships, Polar Bear can deliver the proper installation to meet every unique requirement.



why buy from us?

We offer the best prices and we ship anywhere in the world.

    We make all dimensions of walk-in coolers or    freezers to your exact specifications. We manufacture all components ourselves, so we are able to customize the walk-in refrigerated rooms to your exact needs.

    Our panels are designed for durability; they are constructed in sections with nominal flexible widths. The exterior of the panels are finished with all metal clad, painted white, to give a clean and durable look.

  We also manufacture our own customizable doors. We will create a freezer or cooler door just for you, and your needs, finished to match your panels.

    Our panels are designed for easy and accurate field assembly and easy to disassemble for relocation, and for addition of extra sections to increase room size. Each section easily snaps into place with the previous one. Then, you just screw it in, and, to maintain durability, caulk it.

  We have been serving Florida’s commercial refrigeration and air conditioning needs for nearly 50 years.

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